Dinesh Auluck Warns People Of Frauds Raising Fake Bills On Behalf Of Him & Speed Records

The owner of Speed Records, Dinesh Auluck has recently released an official statement on his Instagram account which is really important for all of us.

As he talked about some frauds who are raising fake bills and collecting payment on the behalf of Speed Records & Dinesh Auluck.

He shared an Instagram story in which shared a screenshot of a fake transaction detail. 

Sharing it he wrote,
‘Please be aware of the fake account as they are raising fake bills of oxygen cylinder on behalf of Dinesh Auluck and Speed Records Pvt Ltd.

Speed Records Pvt Ltd & Dinesh Auluck is not doing anything related to medical equipments or service.’


To have more details about the same, team Kiddaan had a conversation with Dinesh Auluck. And he described how some frauds are using different numbers and collecting payment by claiming we are dealing with supplying oxygen cylinders. 

He also stated that these frauds have been doing the same with some models by scheduling their fake shoots with popular celebrities. He asks them to make the payment which will be returnable afterwards. 

And after receiving the payment online, he instantly blocks them.

Dinesh Auluck made it very clear that he and his company Speed Records is not involved in any such unprofessional transactions, especially which are related to the medical field.

It is very important for people to know that cybercrime is a real thing in India. Getting into any online transaction without being sure can result in a huge loss.

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