Dino James Apologizes After Extending Support to Shubh For Cancellation of Shows

Shubhneet Singh aka Shubh’s concerts in India were canceled on the grounds of his alleged support to Kh–istan.He was scheduled to perform in India from 23 September to 5 November.

Dino James, an Indian rapper who was also seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 has apologized on his social media platforms for supporting Shubh and defending him. 

Earlier the rapper took to his Instagram Stories and called the cancellation of the tour ‘unfortunate’ however now, after the criticism by the Indian community, he issued an apology and said that he wasn’t aware of why the tour canceled. 

Dino James apologizes for supporting Shubh

Dino James took to his official Twitter account and wrote “I sincerely apologise for the story I posted earlier today. I had absolutely no idea what had happened in the last 2 days and was only expressing sadness for another artist. Please pardon my ignorance”.

He further added “India is my home, my motherland and has given me everything and made me who I am. I apologise for any hurt I have caused my brothers and sisters from India and my fans across the world.”

Not only on Twitter, but Dino James also took to his Instagram Stories and apologized to his fans for supporting Shubh. 

He explained that he was only supporting him from artist to artist and he was completely unaware of what was happening. However after this. he instantly deleted the story in which he showed support to Punjabi singer Shubh

Here is the video he shared on his stories:

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