Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim Revealed their Baby Boy’s Name; Watch Vlog

Sasural Simar Ka fame Dipika Kakkar and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim were blessed with a baby boy on June 21. Their baby was a premature baby and was born the next day of Shoaib’s birthday. For all the fans waiting for them to reveal the name, it is a good news! Shoaib and Dipika took to their YouTube channel and revealed their son’s name through a vlog. Shoaib uploaded a vlog titled “Sharing Our Baby Boy’s Name With You All” on his YouTube channel where he introduced his baby boy with his official name. The couple has named their son ‘ Ruhaan Shoaib Ibrahim’ which means kindhearted and spiritual. 

Name Revelation

In their vlog, Shoaib shared that Dipika chose the name and it was very liked by her. The announcement was made with family members holding bright lit alphabets in their hands. One by one each member turned over the alphabet and spelled their son’s name after which Shoaib said ‘Ruhan’ loudly and announced it in the vlog. 

Baby born after Shoaib’s birthday

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib have been consistent with their YouTube vlogs. Both of them post regular updates about their lives and connect with their fans through vlogs. Dipika and Shoaib’s son was born the next day after Shoaib’s birthday and it was a premature birth. It was a rough patch for the couple as the baby was kept in the NICU for 2-3 weeks. Both of them posted their audience with regular updates about their baby’s conditions and seeked blessings for his health. Recently their baby was discharged from the hospital and Shoaib uploaded a vlog to announce this good news.

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