Do You Know About Raj Brar’s Morning Ritual?

Raj Brar was a well-known artist who had received a huge amount of love and admiration from audiences for his work. He was a renowned singer, actor, lyricist and music director to curtail he was a jack of all trades. Though he left us in 2016 and created a void in the industry his works have made him immortal.

Sweetaj Brar, daughter of the legend Raj Brar is following in her father’s footsteps and joined the Punjabi music and film industry.

In a recent interview, talking about his father, Sweetaj said he is the most humble person and the artist she knows. He was so grounded that he gregariously met every single person who approached him. She also shared a relative habit of his father that he used to have his morning tea outside the house so that people come to visit him and have good interaction with the visitors.

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Sweetaj said she also wants to become like her father and acquire her father’s modest attitude in her life.

Ms Brar said in today’s world it is not possible to invite every fan and follower to the house like his father but what she can do is talk to them respectfully and politely.  She will try her best to address every person with love.

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