Do You Know About Shree Brar’s Upcoming Netflix Movie?

Do You Know About Shree Brar's Upcoming Netflix Movie?

Every fan of Punjabi Music Industry is aware of the name Shree Brar. He is an incredible songwriter who has written some of the very popular punjabi songs like Jaan by Barbie Maan, Booha with bollywood actress Esha Gupta and Mankirt Aulakh and especially all 3 parts of Kisaan Anthem. 

But this is not all about his career, he has decided to step ahead and try writing for movies as well. You might have known it already as he has talked about his dream to write a film in various interviews. And as per reports, some of his written stories are already in progress. But do you know anything about his upcoming Netflix project?

Yes, Shree Brar is engaged with a Netflix project and he talked about it in one of his recent interviews. When asked about his upcoming movies, Shree Brar revealed that his 3-4 movies are already in the making and one of his stories is also being prepared for Netflix release. He further revealed that the movie will include both Bollywood and Punjabi actors and the combination of two industries will be shown in the movies.

We are honestly very excited and equally proud of Shree Brar. He has proved to be an excellent lyricist and we are very sure that he will earn heights as a writer as well. The fans including us are eagerly waiting for him to reveal more details and announce the movie soon.

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