Do You Know About The Time When Wamiqa Gabbi Gave Up And Decided To Quit Acting?

Do You Know About The Time When Wamiqa Gabbi Gave Up And Decided To Quit Acting?

Wamiqa Gabbi arguably is the one of the best actresses of Punjabi Film Industry. And not only in Punjabi movies, but she has proved her worth and acting skills in various Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam projects as well. But do you know there was a phase in Wamiqa’s life when she had decided to give up acting and try something else?

Yes, the statement is harsh but true. Wamiqa was upset of not receiving enough opportunities to work and this made her decide to quit acting. She was struggling, continuously giving auditions and facing rejections in Mumbai for almost 7 years. All this made her feel like giving up on acting and exploring herself by travelling. As per the information from Aaj Tak, Wamiqa narrated this plan to his brother, but before she could think of its execution, Lockdown happened and her plan was also put on hold. 

And meanwhile, she received the offer to work in Grahan which she auditioned for almost six months ago. Talking about it, Wamiqa had also revealed that,

“I auditioned for it but later got to know that somebody else was already being considered for the part. I obviously stopped thinking about it and then the lockdown due to COVID-19  happened. I got a call from the casting team in July 2020 and I got the role.”

And what she performed in Grahan was beyond perfect; we personally loved it and would recommend you to watch it too. If you’re looking for an honest review of Grahan, we can help you out. Click on the link below, and you are good to go. 

Grahan Review

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