Do You Know Guggu Gill Never Prefers To Stay In Hotels During Shoots? Reason Inside

Kulwinder Singh Gill who is known as Guggu Gill has been ruling over the industry for decades. Guggu Gill is a living legend, the most respected and renowned person in the industry. His charisma and screen persona is still unmatched. 

The actor is always seen promoting his culture and making the community proud. Not only this, after acting in more than 70 films, the artist has been down to earth. 

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When the actor rose to fame and recognition, rumors were spreading that Guggu Gill never stayed in hotels. When asked and confirmed about the same, then in one of the interviews, Gill revealed that it’s true and he never stays in the hotels until and unless the shoot is far from his hometown. He added, “I prefer to come back home and live with my family when the shoot commences in a nearby village be it 30 km far or 100kms.” 

The actor revealed the reason behind the same, he said before entering into the industry his father already told him that he will never forget his culture after getting into the limelight. Because the people during that time didn’t adopt western culture easily and he was married and had children so he had to look after them too.

Moreover, the actor says he loves his village and family and he never wants to stay away from his roots. This is also another reason that he is always seen in traditional Punjabi attire.

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We must say that this man has proven that he’s not only marked his name among one of the finest actors of the Punjabi Industry, but kept his promise to his father and didn’t let fame reach his head.

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