Do You Know Harashjot Kaur, The Actress Opposite Sidhu Moosewala In Unfuckwithable

Sidhu Moosewala is a well known name of the Punjabi Music Industry who has his admirers all around the world. He has released his latest ‘Unfuckwithable’ which is a bonus track for his latest album MooseTape. 

This surprise song was released late night on May 18th,but still has crossed 10 million views already in less than 12 hours and is trending on number 3 on YouTube. 

The song is sung by Sidhu Moosewala and Afsana Khan. But it’s music video also features the very beautiful actress Harashjot Kaur opposite Sidhu Moosewala. But do you know enough about her?

Harashjot Kaur is a very beautiful, and talented actress who has worked in some Punjabi music and acting projects like Adda Khadda, Qissa Punjab, Sardar Mohammad, Bhulekha, Shaam Da Rang and many more.

But this is not all. You might have seen her work in various Punjabi films and music videos, but not everyone knows that she is also a Sub Inspector in Punjab. 

She usually shares her pictures in her uniform on her official Instagram account.

Despite being a very responsible police officer, Harshjot has kept her dreams of acting alive. She is a perfect example for those you say you cannot do everything you wish to. 

She is handling both her professions with complete dignity, responsibility and dedication.

She undoubtedly is a great inspiration for all the ladies out there.

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