Do You Know Himanshi Khurana Was Once Rejected By A Popular Designer. Reason Inside

Celebrities enjoyed a lot of fame and got many facilities and opportunities due to that. We look at them glooming in beautiful sartorial while walking down on the red carpet. But there are two sides of every story.

We only see the positive side but now it’s no secret that the fashion industry can be extremely biased toward women who don’t adhere to a certain image or fit into sample sizes.

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And one of these issues has been faced by Punjabi singer-actress Himanshi Khurana. ‘Gallan Mithiyan’ actress has marked the spot in everyone’s heart with her acting and singing skills. But this prominent artist has once revealed that she still is struggling in the entertainment industry.

Yes, you read right. The reason behind the same is very heartbreaking. Khurana, who has been seen wearing beautiful attires and giving us major fashion goals, unveiled that female actresses in the Punjabi industry are still facing issues in promoting wardrobes. She revealed, while her team approached renowned designers, at that time they were called out by the designers. They said that “we only give our designer outfits and our products to Bollywood artists.”

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It made her feel very disheartened because people still think regional artists do not have popularity around the globe. Not only Punjabi artists, but multiple celebrities from industries across oceans seem to have faced the same issue because of things like size differences, not being an ‘A-lister’, etc.

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