Do You Know How Ikwinder Singh And Sangtar Are Connected To Each Other?

Ikwinder Singh is recently making headlines in the Punjabi music community, all thanks to his bold step to launch his very own Music Label, 4N Records in partnership with Warner Music and Coalition Music.

The artist made the official announcement of the historic music label by uploading a video on his social media. Close observers might have seen a rather familiar face in the video. We got to see Sangtar Singh, the Punjabi funny video creator based in Canada, in various parts of the video. This made us all wonder how Ikwinder ‘the music producer’ and Sangtar ‘the humorist’ connected to each other?

Sangtar and Ikwinder Singh are actually brothers in real life. You might have also got an idea from both the artists’ faces, which look quite similar and give a hint that both of the artists are connected to each other. Ikwinder Singh is the younger brother of Sangtar Singh and is almost two years younger. It is quite interesting to know how two of such big names are connected to each other.

Both the artists make the Punjabi community proud all over the world. While the younger brother has given his music to some of the biggest Punjabi hits of modern times, working with artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Sidhu Moosewala, Garry Sandhu, Amrit Maan and countless more, the elder brother is busy making the whole world laugh. The thing about Sangtar’s content is, it is not just plain baseless humor, the man raises questions on society and makes people think about what is going wrong in their society.

Punjabi community will always be proud to have these gems. 

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