Do You Know How To Eat Sandwich Without Littering Vegetables On The Table?

Sandwich is a bread food which contains chopped or sliced vegetables, sliced cheese or meat between the bread slices. It is normally consumed as an evening snack or a breakfast meal for centuries. But whoever had it must have faced its spilling problem.


Whenever we want to eat something light but sufficient to meet the hunger drive sandwiches are the best option. As soon as it arrives the situation becomes messy because the veggies and other stuffing ingredients come out of the bread and we end up eating plain bread and veggies lying comfortably on our plate and table. The situation might become embarrassing if you are on an outing with office colleagues or with someone special.


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To avoid this chaos, a Japanese teacher came to the rescue. Emi Sunai, a manners teacher from Japan taking classes and educating the students to have appropriate eating etiquette. Learners who applied to her classes are majorly women belonging to different age groups. One of her instruction classes includes an apt way to have sandwiches.

She says a sandwich is a kind of messy food but it can also showcase your eating mores. Generally, people eat sandwiches horizontally and create a sloppy state, but she suggests having them vertically. In addition to its dimensional rotation, now if one can take small bites the stuffing will less likely to overflow and remain intact within the bread. This will make you look elegant and poised.

Her other eating lessons include wrapping the food on paper to avoid other people seeing bite marks. Foods that are wider and have less height such as Hamburgers, pizza slices; she recommends cutting them in half and turning them vertically before eating. 

Emi said she is receiving a lot of positive responses as her students told her now they feel confident when they enter an expensive and posh restaurant and can enjoy their meals without embarrassing themselves.

Japan is always known to be a country with a rich culture of mannerism. For instance, while taking off shoes it should face the door, entering and exiting the martial mat one should bend at an angle of 45 degrees and many more. Eating manners is also one of them and Emi Sunai is helping the people to inculcate such habits.

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