Do You Know Jaspal Bhatti Once Teamed Up With Tamil Star Kamal Haasan!

Jaspal Singh Bhatti, one of the most known comedians of Indian television, touched a chord with the audience by highlighting the everyday problems of the common man through simple and honest humor.

But one thing which a few people might know that during his mid-90s when Bhatti was busy with his film production ‘Mahaul Theek Hai’ and was also acting in big Hindi films like ‘Kartoos’, ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalein’, ‘Janam Samjha Karo’ and many more and had other agreements also, then there came another surprising offer which he could not take it up. 

After all this work and commitment, he got a great offer from tremendous Tamil actor Kamal Haasan. Kamal is one of the finest Indian actors. He once reached Bhatti to write dialogues for his South Film Magalir Muttam’s Hindi version that is ‘Ladies Only’. Since Jaspal Bhatti was busy with his tight schedule and writing additional dialogues for the Hindi version of south film during his rigid schedule would have been a rushed job rather than a productive one. 

Still, he found the solution and agreed to translate the film. But the most amazing thing is he got a Tamil professor and his daughter to translate the film into Hindi. The original film was Magalir Mattum. 

Moreover, The film featured Randhir Kapoor, Shilpa Shirodkar, Seema Biswas, Heera Rajgopal and Kamal Haasan(Special Appearance) in key roles. 

Source: IMDb

This film was completed, unfortunately, it didn’t reach the audience and people never saw the great work of both Jaspal Bhatti and Kamal Haasan. 

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