Do You Know Karan Aujla Might Have Ended Up As A Professional Football Player?

Karan Aujla, arguably one of the most popular singers of the Punjabi music industry today, has printed his name in the history of music in golden words. The young artist became an overnight sensation through his breakthrough track “Don’t Worry”, released in 2018, and the Punjabi music industry got one of its most talented and versatile artists ever. But do you know we wouldn’t have been able to witness the rise of Karan Aujla as a singer-lyricist, if he hadn’t been to Canada. He might have represented India in football at higher levels. 

In an interview with Karan Aujla’s close friends and relatives, one of his friends revealed the secret passion of Karan. In his earlier days, when he used to live in his village Ghurala, he was mad about football. He used to carry studs with him to the ground. After school, football was the first thing he got engaged in.

Even during his college times, he used to play football with his brother. But, when he went to Canada, his connections, his interests, his priorities changed. He got a totally different atmosphere in Canada from what he did in India and the world got a gem of an artist in Karan Aujla.

Nobody knows what might have happened if Karan hadn’t gone to Canada and settled there. Probably we would have got an amazing football player in him, but as of now, Karan has gained so much recognition in the music world, we can only be thankful he chose to do all this. 

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