Do You Know Karan Aujla Was Not Paid For His Song ‘Rim Vs Jhanjhar’

Not every talented artist was born famous. Beyond their hit music to respected reputation, there are stories of well-known singers and actors. Living any artist’s life appears very easy, but have you ever wondered about the sweat, blood, tears and hard work that has gone into getting that yearned limelight. Many successful singers struggled enough before making it big. One Among them is Singstar Karan Aujla. He rose to prominence with the release of his song ‘Property of Punjab’ in 2016. But before that, he had to face many obstacles in his journey of music.

Karan Aujla, a famous Punjabi singer, who has made a huge number of fans in India as well as in other countries with his singing is all set to release his most awaited album. Very few people know that he has also penned a song ‘Range’ for singer Jassie Gill. Apart from being a considerable lyricist, he is also a great rapper and a singer. Karan sang some hit songs like ‘Don’t Worry, Up and Down, No need, 2 Am, Rim Vs Jhanjhar’ and many more. 

But do you know he has a story behind his song ‘Rim Vs Jhanjar’? Many production houses do not believe in the hard work and skills of an upcoming artist. The same went on with Karan Aujla. The singer once said in an interview that he effortlessly worked for his songs to release but many haven’t seen the light of the day.

One of them is ‘Rim Vs Jhanjhar’. After a lot of rejections, he himself sang the song that went hit and the audience honoured it. Further, he also said that the production refuses to pay him money after the song reaches for the sky. However, after a lot of requests and pleads he gets $500 and that too after two or three years. Karan also claims that now he receives many calls from all the people who once rejected him for his songs but he said he will never work with them as they didn’t acknowledge him before.

Talking about his songs, Karan has many incredible tracks like Chitta Kurta, Mexico, Haan Haige aa, Adhiya. Moreover, The singer will also be seen in his biggest music album BacThaFucUp soon.

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