Do You Know Katy Perry Has A Sanskrit Tattoo On Her Right Arm

We all know who Katy Perry is. One of the biggest music sensations in the world, the popstar is regarded as one of the greatest of all time. But do you know about the Sanskrit tattoo the global icon has got on her right arm?

Katy Perry has a Sanskrit Tattoo inked on her right arm. The tattoo says ‘Anuugacchati Pravaha’, which is translated to ‘go with the flow’ in English. Interestingly, Katy’s tattoo is exactly the same as her ex-husband, Russell Brand’s. 

Russell Brand also has an ‘Anuugacchati Pravaha’ tattoo on his body. The brand is known to be a tattoo enthusiast and has several religious tattoos inked on his body. 

There are many Hollywood celebrities that have got inked Sanskrit Tattoos on their bodies. To know that global celebrities of a stature like Katy Perry’s are embracing our Indian culture is such a positive feeling. Acceptance of different cultures all over the world and embracing then despite of the differences promotes world positivity and oneness. 

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