Do You Know ‘KGF’ Is A Real Place? 5 Interesting Facts

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would be aware of the name ‘K.G.F’. Yes, we are talking about the blockbuster Yash-starrer action-drama film franchise that the whole country is mad about! KGF: Chapter 1 was released in 2018 and ever since, there have only been talks about KGF in the film industry.

It would also be the favourite film franchise of many of you! Right? But, do you people know what K.G.F. really stands for and what serves as the inspiration for the story of the film? Though KGF is a work of fiction, it is not set in a fictional place! Yes, KGF exists in real life too!

K.G.F. stands for Kolar Gold Fields, which is a mining region in the K.G.F. taluk of the Kolar district in Karnataka, India. The fields were operated by Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML) and their workers and families still reside in the now-deserted place. These mines are located about 100 kilometers from Bangalore. 

Here are some of the most interesting facts about KGF

1. Deepest Mines

At an unimaginable depth of 3000 meters, KGF were the second deepest gold mines on the planet at the time of their working. At present, they are still the 10th deepest gold mine on earth and the deepest in Asia. 

2. Establishment & Takeover

Though it is believed that gold has been mined at KGF for over 2,000 years, the mines, which were the most productive and the deepest at their time, were established in 1880 by John Taylor III. They were run by the same company up until 1956, after which, they were taken over by the government of Mysore. John Taylor & Sons were appointed as the mining consultants

3. First Mining Region To Use Electricity

KGF was the first mining region in the world to use electricity. It was also the second town in whole Asia to get electricity, only after Tokyo, Japan. Electricity was brought to the town by John Taylor & Sons in 1902, which still remains one of their greatest achievements.

4. Shut Down

The mines were finally shut down of all operations on 28 February, 2001. The major reason behind the closure of the mines were increased cost of production and a decrease in the production of gold. Since then, KGF has been left untouched by the government. 

5: Condition Of Residents

It was once the home to 30,000 mine workers from different ethnicities, cultures and regions. After the closure of the mines, no major steps were taken by anyone to ensure safety of the workers who had become permanent residents of the area.“The government has taken 40 precious years of my life, used me and left me to die when their work was completed,” says 79-year-old K. Esavel, a resident of KGF.

All that remains at the place once home to gold, are 30-meter high hills of remains and debris. No plant grows on these hills and they are nothing but just plain, solidified, barren remains.

In addition to all this, KGF is the real place setting for the blockbuster Kannada film franchise, KGF. These are some of the interesting facts about the gold bowl of the country! Do you know some more interesting facts about the place?

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