Do You Know Mankirt Aulakh’s Outfit In 8 Raflaan Costs More Than 15 lakh?

Mankirt Aulakh is one of the most popular artists of the Punjabi Music Industry. His songs are usually trending and superhit and this is exactly which keeps his fans most excited about upcoming projects. 

But his songs are not the only thing he is popular for. Mankirt also has a great fashion sense and he always impresses us with his stylish looks.

And recently we got to know the details about his look in his latest song ‘8 Raflaan’. The song was released last month and has already crossed 114 Million views till now. 

But do you know his look and outfit in the music video of 8 Raflaan costs more than 15 Lakh INR? Yes, that sounds crazy.

Mankirt wore a blue checked shirt by Brook Brothers Oxford Shirt which costs $188 which is equal to 14 thousand bucks in India. He complimented his outfit, with a classy pair of sunglasses by Gucci which costs $306 i.e. 22,734 INR and a Rolex wristwatch that costs $19,722 which is equal to 14,64, 192 INR.

These details were revealed by the very popular Instagram page Pbfits which help fans know about the outfits of their favorite celebrities. You can check their page for more such updates.

Talking about Mankirt’s upcoming projects, he is soon to release the music video of song Begum.

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