Do You Know Moh Is Emotionally Connected With Its Starcast And Jagdeep Sidhu?

Filmmakers and actors have some different kind of attachment with their work. And one among those artists is Jagdeep Sidhu. The popular writer-director Jagdeep Sidhu has managed to bring unique and out-of-the-box films in the past few years which have taken the Punjabi industry to the next level. Once again, as revealed by Jagdeep he is all set to bring a film based on a whole new concept. 

But this time it’s something unusual that caught everyone’s attention. As the man behind the film Jagdeep Sidhu has penned a heartfelt note along with some details about the film. Sidhu disclosed, the story of the film ‘Moh’ had been written earlier. The idea came from two of the welding painters named Shiv Tarsem Singh and Govind Singh. 

He further added, he hasn’t chosen any cast but the story itself chooses them. He never thought and planned that he will cast Sargun or Gitaz in this movie but everything happened and till date he is surprised about the same. Though the shoot has begun, Jagdeep is still bewildered at how all this is happening. Even Jaani and B Praak, who joined hands in lyrics and music, have made such songs that are beyond their range. 

He ended the note by writing the film is ‘rebel’ from the beginning. These words which Jagdeep has written for the film signifies that he is attached to it and would definitely showcase something extraordinary this time.

After that, lead actress Sargun Mehta also took to social media and wrote an emotional note about the same. She revealed, when she heard the story for the first time, she felt that she didn’t know what Jagdeep had told. But there’s something special about the story due to which she agreed, though she was not clear at that time she still agreed. And now she feels that she did the right thing. 

She then became emotional and continued to write that can’t disclose more. And then she ended the note with “the movie is ‘rebel’ from the beginning”.

Another prominent part of the film, Gitaz Bindrakhia who will be debuting as a lead actor in ‘Moh’ has activated his social media and shared an emotional note about the same. He wrote that life is unexpected as when he was struggling, nothing was helping him out, so he thought to run away. But now it seems like everything’s coming on his plate and his luck supports him. The actor is really excited for his new journey.

The film definitely has something unique, as the director and star cast are so connected to it. The title ‘Moh’ means fascination and it is clear that everyone is fascinated with the story. 

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Moh is surely going to be a blast, we know for a fact! And the Jodi of Gitaz Bindrakhia and Sargun Mehta as the lead is already making us all excited.

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