Do You Know Prabh Gill Is A Bit Of A Shy Person, Find Out Why?

Being a celebrity means everyday interaction with millions of people. They spend a considerable part of their lives on cameras. Could you think of a superstar singer, regularly going for concerts and live shows, talking to hundreds of people everyday, going on interviews, shooting on camera being an extremely shy person in real life? Prabh Gill is the answer.

Prabh Gill recently revealed that he is a very shy person. The singer feels extremely awkward while speaking to others, especially girls. He even added that he had never imagined, a shy man like him would be able to utter even a single word on a stage in front of a crowd of thousands. 

Talking about the reason for this shyness, the singer is himself clueless. He has no idea what caused his nature to be so shy. But he is of the opinion that he has always been to Boys school and never to a co-ed school, which, he feels, is the major reason behind his nature. 

Adding that many of his friends who have studied in co-ed schools always speak very confidently and firy, especially while talking to girls. Studying in a non- co-ed school surely affects one’s communication skills, which might be the case with Prabh Gill. Due to his shyness, he considers shooting the video to be the most difficult part of a song. 

Nobody could’ve judged Prabh to be a shy man. The singer does live concerts, shows and totally makes the audience fall in love with him. He is a total show-stealer in his music videos and we all know how calm the guy is when doing interviews or while interacting with his fans. But this revelation about him is rather shocking and his fans will be amazed to know it. 

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