Do You Know Sargun Mehta Wore A 15-20 Kgs Costume For The Song Titliaan Warga?

We all know what a brilliant actress Sargun Mehta is, there is no doubt about that. Having performed in superhit Punjabi movies as the female lead, she has made her name as one of the most respected artists in the Punjabi film industry.

She has also featured in many music videos of Punjabi songs. Her “Titliaan Warga” by Harrdy Sandhu specifically became a huge hit. But do you know it wasn’t as easy for Sargun to do the song as it might sound?

Sargun Mehta was wearing a 15-20 kgs heavy ensemble throughout the course of the video. Standing up with such a heavy costume would stress out a normal man, but Sargun performed a whole song with such a heavy load. She revealed in one of the reels uploaded on her Instagram account, that she didn’t even feel like raising her hand high and just wanted to stay idle due to the load. 

What goes beyond a wonderful performance always remains unrecognized. We see what we are shown. We saw the song’s video as just a normal one, but who knew the actress was performing all that with a 15-20 kgs ensemble.

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