Do You Know Shipra Goyal Didn’t Feature In The Music Videos Of Her Songs Due To This Reason

Shipra Goyal who is an amazing singer has set high benchmarks for both Punjabi Music Industry and Bollywood. And also, we cannot ignore the fact that apart from her singing skills, she has equally impressed us with her maintained body and looks. But do you know she has worked really hard to achieve this?

There was a time when her voice was popular among the fans but they didn’t know what Shipra looked like. And it was because unlike other singers, Shipra didn’t feature in the music videos of her songs. And the only reason behind this was Shipra’s weight.

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Kulwinder Billa, who is a close friend and has been co-singer of some superhit duets with Shipra Goyal revealed in various interviews that Shipra wanted to feature in ‘Angreji Wali Madam’. But he didn’t let her because she was overweight and would not look good on-screen. 

She revealed that her weight was almost 74 kgs during ‘Angreji Wali Madam’, and reduced 8-9 kilos and finally featured in her duet song ‘Bulgari’ with Kulwinder Billa. Since then, Shipra has featured in the music videos of multiple songs and impressed the fans with her stunning looks. She also keeps posting about her fitness secrets and workout videos on her Instagram account which surely motivates us to follow a healthy lifestyle too.

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