Do You Know Sidhu Moosewala And Bohemia’s These Days Was Made Before Same Beef?

Sidhu Moosewala and Bohemia’s These Days officially dropped today as a part of the biggest album of Sidhu’s career, the Moosetape. Both the Punjabi greats last paired up for the track ‘Same Beef’ and the track is one of the most-streamed ones of Sidhu. We hope These Days brings the same duo back in the same beast mode. But here is an interesting story related to both the tracks.

Sidhu Moosewala and Bohemia were working on Same Beef. They were trying to bring about the perfect track but for some reasons, it wasn’t convincing to both the artists. Then, as per Sidhu’s habit, he started playing his old tunes. 

He played the ‘Ajj Kal’ track and that’s when it hit Bohemia hard. He instantly liked the track and all of a sudden wanted to record it. He asked the recordist to already start recording ‘These Days’ before Same Beef. And that’s how ‘These Days’ was recorded before ‘Same Beef’.

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Same Beef came out almost a year ago and These Days, despite being recorded prior to Same Beef, came out today. Maybe it was Sidhu and Bohemia’s plan to keep track a surprise bomb in Moosetape. The old version of These Days was a leaked one but it had already become a fan-favorite track. That’s why it was one of the most awaited tracks of the album. 

The new version has the all-new music by The Kidd, a completely new verse by Bohemia and Sidhu’s renewed vocals. The official song is surely going to live upto the hype. 

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