Do You Know Singer Shree Brar Also Wants To Try His Hands In Hindi Songs

Do You Know Singer Shree Brar Also Wants To Try His Hands In Hindi Songs

A popular Punjabi singer, songwriter Shree Brar aka Pawandeep Singh has always been in headlines either for supporting the Farmers’ protest or glorifying gun culture in his songs. But it’s not enough about him. The singer has many songs in his bucket like Sherni Banke, Police, Jaan etc. but he came in limelight after his song Yaari Graribaaz with Karan Aujla and Dilpreet Dhillon. He has recently sung a great song for farmer protest called ‘Kisaan Anthem’ to highlight an issue which was liked by everyone. Not only this, but he has put his hands in Hindi songs also.

In one of the talk shows, Brar disclosed that for him, music is a language, whether it’s Hindi or Punjabi, if you think of language only as a way to share information in a way that many people can understand, then yes, you are doing right. Also, he added that he will soon be releasing four to five Hindi songs.

Out of these, one has recently been released, ‘Saari Saari Raat’ by Pragati. Moreover, Shree Brar has lent his voice to this hit melody, it has been composed by Avvy Sra and its video has been directed by B2gether Pros. It’s a heartbreaking song and the audience loved it a lot.

What else can we expect from Shree Brar, his songs always impress us and everyone likes him as a person also. His song ‘Booha’ got a great response and the song has a special appearance by Mankirat  Aulakh.

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