Do You Know The Pricing Of Sidhu Moosewala’s Attire In The Burberry Song?

The most awaited album of the year, Moosetape, has had two of its tracks released officially and one music video of the track Burberry. The teaser and the trailer of the album had made it very clear, Moosetape is one hell of an expensive project and Sidhu’s outfit pricing has put a stamp on the statement.

Sidhu couldn’t let the most important project of his career be a careless execution. He did not leave any stones unturned in spending money to look extravagant. 

Starting with the Bandana Sidhu wore in the video, the black Urban Theka Bandana costs ₹600, the cheapest item on the list. The Jack & Jones puffer jacket that the artist wore costs ₹3,750. He also wore a Nokwal Fire Shirt which costs ₹5,956. With the Nokwal Fire Shirt, he paired the Nike Air Force 1 ‘07 Black shoes costing ₹7,500. These are probably the shoes Sidhu talked about when saying that the whole world sits under his Nike Air Force shoes. In the last segment of the video, the artist wore an Adidas Slice TRF Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie which costs ₹6,000. 

Now begins the expensive attire we were talking about. The sneakers that the artist wore during the Eagle View Sofa shot costs ₹59,050. With the Adidas Hoodie in the end, the artist paired it with a pair of Nike X Off White MCA University Blue, costing ₹1,68,703. Talking about the title of the song, he was also seen carrying a Burberry Logo Print Belt Bag which costs ₹44,109. 

The artist also wore a Rolex Sky-Dweller Steel and Yellow Gold Wrist Watch costing ₹10,82,000, the most expensive item on the list. A wristwatch costing over 10 lakhs just shows the style statement Sidhu tried to exhibit in his song. When you total all the prices of the items Sidhu wore in the song, it amounts to ₹13,77,668. Sidhu has surely tried to make Moosetape look as grand as he can, and Burberry was just the start and it is already enough to blow our minds. 

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