Do You Know The Story Behind Karan Aujla’s Wolves Tattoo?

Geetan Di Machine Karan Aujla always astonishes his fans with the new tracks. This time the singer is coming up with his most awaited album ‘BacThaFucUp’. He is not only the best singer but also a great lyricist. As many famous singers have sung his songs. He is also known for his dark-themed songs.

If we talk about his personal life, then Karan Aujla is very emotional for his friends and family. Moreover, he often mentions his late parent’s names in his songs. Despite living in Canada, he is truly attached to his village home. That’s why the name of his village Ghurala can be heard in his songs. Karan is very much fond of tattoos and is popular among fans for his tattoos. As we saw his parents’ portrait, the wolves, and many other inscriptions. 

Now, Let’s know more about the tattoos on his arm. We all know, Singer Aujla was very young when both his parents left for heavenly abode. So, to look at his parents all the time further to show his love towards them and to pay a tribute, he inked their parent’s portrait in his arms. Also, there’s a tattoo that reflects the time when his mother passed away.

Other than this if you have noticed, Karan has also designed wolves at his shoulder, which symbolize unity, protection, authority, loyalty, strength and strong family ties. The big wolf represents Karan himself and the other two are his sisters. The entire arm tattoo signifies his family member. 

Besides, the singer has Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, his parent’s inscriptions, her mother’s name and a clock tattoo in his arms as well as chest.

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