Exclusive: Do You Know The Story Of Qismat Was Inspired From The Life Of Jagdeep Sidhu?

Qismat starring Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta in the lead, till date remains one of the best movies ever made in the Punjabi Cinema. The movie left everyone teary-eyed and set a bar for the romance genre as a whole for the industry. But, do you know what drove writer and director Jagdeep Sidhu to make this film? His own life!

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In an exclusive talk with Kiddaan, Jagdeep Sidhu revealed that the first part of Qismat is inspired from his real life! Jagdeep also made the revelation that his writing journey started from that iconic train scene of Qismat. The story of Qismat before that train scene is inspired from the real-life of Jagdeep Sidhu.

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It was the first time Jagdeep Sidhu picked up a pen and he kept on writing for 10 years! So, Jagdeep Sidhu went through Qismat’s iconic train scene where Ammy and Sargun part their ways, in real life and that gave us one of the best writers we’ve ever seen in the industry.

Also, whenever we talk about Jagdeep Sidhu, we talk about emotions, heart-break, break-up, destiny and such heart-wrenching emotions. The question of where Jagdeep Sidhu derives this emotional element in his writing and direction has also been answered.

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We’ve often heard that a writer is not born, it is made. Many artists have talked about some events in their life that turned them into a writer and made them pen down their emotions, which gave them their careers. But what we didn’t know is that Jagdeep Sidhu is also one from them.

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