Do You Know The Work For Which The Australian Sikh Community Is Trending All Over The World?

Do You Know The Work For Which The Australian Sikh Community Is Trending All Over The World?

Australia has effectively reigned in COVID-19, recording just over 30,200 cases and 910 deaths, due to speedy tracing systems, snap lockdowns and strict social distancing rules. The long months of lockdown caused fear, anxiety and isolation across Melbourne, but they also sparked an outpouring of community kindness.

You may have heard about the excellent work Sikh Volunteers Australia does deliver meals to people in lockdown, as well as bushfire-affected communities earlier last year. Sikh Community is a Non-Profit Organisation serving the nation since 2013z This year again, these Sikh Volunteers are doing a commendable job by delivering thousands of free meals a day to those whose incomes have been constrained by lockdown measures. Due to the regional lockdown in Australia, people are restricted to move out of the house unless it’s an emergency, which ultimately leads to a huge loss for every business, retailers, hospitality and entertainment.

But need not worry as Sikhs are present everywhere, spreading happiness and extending a hand for help. To this, Jaswinder Singh, secretary and spokesperson of the group, expressed in an interview about how they formed, started helping infected people, financially impacted and International students who face difficulty to adjust in the country and the importance of sharing a meal. Watch the video to know about Mr Singh’s Initiative about the Langar Sewa

Langar Sewa is the free kitchen, which you can see at every Gurudwara( a Sikh Temple). These meals are delivered to anyone regardless of his or her religion. Moreover, The progress of the Australian Sikh community teaches a lesson of the value of civil society groups and important tasks about how we should move toward our relations to one another. Taking a guide from- Sikh Community Australia, we should start from a personal understanding of our unified bonds and the responsibilities we have to each other.

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