Do You Know There Is A Punjabi Artist Behind The Viral ‘Chura Liya Remix’ On Instagram?

Nowadays, social media has become a regular part of our lives. It’s not always just chatting with our friends but once we open the app, we do this endless scrolling and then come across a lot of creative reels. It is not just the reels that catch our attention but sometimes we end up getting hooked to the music used in the reel, and we end up humming it the entire day.

And one among them is a remix of ‘Chura Liya’. And we bet that maximum people who have come across the sound, loved it. But do you know who is the man behind it?  If you haven’t noticed it yet, then we must tell you that the voice is of Punjabi artist Millind Gaba. Yes, the melodious song ‘Bahar Ban Ke Aayu Kabhi Tumhari Duniya Mei’ was crooned by Milind.

The singer took to his social media and shared very surprising details about this remix. He said that the song was created in 2015. AND Not only this, he also revealed that he made the video for ₹8000 INR only. Millind had never thought that the song would trend on social media and would garner millions of views on YouTube. 

Millind feels grateful and undeniably amazed everyone with this information. The singer is best known for crooning to songs such as ‘Zindagi ki Paudi’ and ‘Yaar Mod Do’. 

And like everyone else, if you have also never thought that the voice is of Millind then you must definitely listen to the full cover of ‘Chura Liya’ by Millind Gaba.

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