Do you know, what Jassie Gill is obsessed with?

The cute and charming guy from Punjabi Music Industry, Jassie Gill is the favorite of many. We all love him for his songs, looks, and personality. You might have enjoyed his songs a lot, but do you know a secret behind them? Well apart from the audio and video part, there is one more thing, which is a task for Jassie Gill. 

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Jassie revealed this in an interview that he is fond of editing on his phone, and he himself edits and designs the posters of his songs. Not only this, but he also edits his pictures himself.

He has designed the posters of songs like, Nakhre, Dil Tutda and many more. And in fact, he released the poster of Dil Tutda even before when the shoot and recording of the song were already pending! This seems so nice to know he just like us, a person who loves his smartphone for many reasons.

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