Do You Know What Made Sajjan Adeeb Launch His Own Music Label?

Sajjan Adeeb has become one of the most finest and loved artists of the Punjabi Music Industry with time. He has entertained us with various superhit tracks like Ishqan De Lekhe and Pindan De Jaaye.

Today it’s Sajjan Adeeb’s birthday and is the perfect day to celebrate his success and hard work. There is no doubt in the fact that Pindan De Jaaye became an instant hit and was loved by the fans. But do you know there is a story behind it? 

Also, we will let you know what exactly made Sajjad Adeeb launch his own music label. And both the stories are connected and knitted together. 

It’s about the time when Sajjan Adeeb recorded this song penned by Manwinder Maan, no music label was willing to release it. The reason behind was their beliefs that such songs are considered outdated now and nobody wants something like that. 

When after every effort Sajjan wasn’t able to convince any music company he decided to launch his own music label i.e. Sajjan Adeeb Records. 

He then released the audio version of the song on YouTube because he wasn’t sure about the audience’s reaction to it. But the song was an instant hit and was loved so much that Ranjjt Bawa himself called Sajjab Adeeb and told him that he must release it’s official video too. 

No doubt Sajjab had high hopes from the song, but still the kind of success it earned was unexpected. He later released the official video of the song too and the fans loved it.

Today when he has turned a year older, we hope he reaches new heights in his career.

Team Kiddaan wishes Sajjan Adeeb a very happy birthday. 

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