Do You Know Who Helped Raja Kumari In ‘US Song’ With Sidhu Moosewala For MooseTape?

Sidhu Moosewala and his recent album MooseTape is currently all over the internet. While he is slowly releasing the songs on his YouTube Channel, the fans are blessing him and his songs with enormous love. 

Today, we will talk about his super hit track Us from MooseTape which marks Sidhu’s collaboration with popular Indian-American rapper Raja Kumari. 

It’s been four days since the song has been released on Sidhu Moosewala’s YouTube Channel but it’s still leading the trending list on number 2.

The fans are loving this exceptional collaboration and continuously praising the artists’ efforts.

But do you know there is another popular artist who has helped Raja Kumari for this project? 

In a recent video on Raja Kumari’s YouTube Channel, she has shared the making of US Song from MooseTape. In the video, she revealed that her collaboration with Sidhu Moosewala is a dream project for her. She has also talked about the shooting schedules and how she wrote and recorded the song. 

But what’s most exciting is the fact that she has also revealed that Raftaar is helping her in this project as she isn’t well aware of Punjabi but Raftaar is. In the video, Raftaar is also seen for a moment which was enough for his fans to appreciate his helpful nature. 

Raja Kumari shares a beautiful bond of friendship with Raftaar as they have worked together and judged MTV Reality Rap Show ‘Hustle’ together. 

Raja Kumari is known for her exceptional rapping skills and writing style. She has earned many awards and the list of her achievements is long as well. And all the love she is getting after her recent release with Sidhu Moosewala is nothing but all what she truly deserves. 

If you haven’t listened to the superhit and trending song already, here is the link to help you out;

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