Do You Know Why Jass Bajwa Had To Stay Away From His Mother?

Jass Bajwa is a famous Pollywood singer. He set foot in the industry in 2014 with his album ‘Chakvi Mandeer’ and earned countless fans with his debut album. Later in 2017, he entered the acting line with the ‘Thug Life’ movie.

Talking about his personal life, he had a conventional childhood but has a diminutive variation. Instead of growing up with his biological parents, Jass Bajwa lived his life at his maternal grandmother’s – Nani Ji’s home.

Jass Bajwa’s Nani Ji adopted him at a very early age and he remained unaware of his biological parents till his teens. Jass’s mother gave birth to twins, at the time of his birth his mother had an elder son and she felt it difficult to raise three kids at a time. Hence she gave him to Nani for a better childhood.

Time flies and when he was in 8th standard, he got to know about his life secret and his Nani dropped him back to his parents. That was a difficult phase of his life; he had to get acquainted with his relatives in a new way. He lived there for two days. His stay was a nightmare for him as he was not happy with the change of surroundings and he was missing his Nani. Resultantly his Nani had to come back and take him with her. That day to present he has not left Nani’s anchal.

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