Dobaara Movie Review: A Good Suspense Thriller But Not The Best Anurag Kashyap Movie

StarcastTaapsee Pannu, Pavail Gulati Pankaj Rajput, Rahul Bhat, Nassar, Madhurima Roy & Myra Rajpal
DirectorAnurag Kashyap
Kiddaan Rating

Taapsee Pannu, who always brings something unique for her fans, has collaborated with the giant bollywood director Anurag Kashyap  time travel sci-fi thriller titled ‘Dobaaraa’. The duo last worked together in 2018 bollywood film, Manmarziyan. Read our Dobaaraa Movie Review to know ‘What this brilliant actor-director duo has served in this movie for the audience?

The makers have presented Dobaaraa which means ‘Again’ in Hindi, as a time ‘2:12’ which is linked to the time travel theory in the story. Read this Dobaaraa Movie Review, to know about the movie’s quick insight that we have mentioned without spoiling the story.

Story & Screenplay

Dobaaraa’s is an official remake of 2018 spanish movie, Mirage, so the story is almost the same as the original film with some minor edits done accordingly for the Indian audience. The movie’s story revolves around Antara (Taapsee) who is married to Vikas (Rahul Bhat) and has a daughter named Avanti. The couple moves into a new house and discovers an old TV with a video camera from the ’90s that belongs to Anay (Pankaj Rajput), a kid who used to live in that house years ago. Eventually, Anay has witnessed a murder that took place in his neighbourhood. One night there’s a dreadful storm that occurs once in 10 years, and on the same night Antara accidentally connects with Anay (in the past). What happens next after these two lives from different eras get connected is what the movie is all about.

To be honest, we feel the story has a lot more to offer as it is adapted from one of the finest Spanish films ever made. But the Indian version seemed to be lacking at various points, one of those points being the slow screenplay. The movie’s screenplay looked like it was made more for the OTT platform than for a theatrical release. Had the screenplay complemented the story well, then ‘Dobaaraa’ could have been the masterpiece of 2022.

Acting & Performances

We don’t want to say, but Taapsee Pannu failed to bring the intensity that she was known for. In this movie, every time she appears on screen, we felt something is missing from Taapsee’s performance. We know this was a new concept for her and she will definitely bounce back strongly. Many will not agree with our opinion but Taapsee has done way too well in previous movies, so we are a little disappointed.

The other supporting actors were good in their respective roles. Pankaj Rajput, Pavail Gulati, Rahul Bhat, Nassar, Madhurima Roy and Myra Rajpal, all of them played their roles gracefully.


The movie holds the suspense throughout and is unpredictable till the end. But the spot that releases all the fizz that the story builds slowly is its direction. When we hear the name Anurag Kashyap, we get flashbacks of movies and web series like Gangs of Wasseypur, Sacred Games and others. We know Anurag is a Master of Direction but after watching Dobaaraa, we felt like the master might have forgotten his own tricks. Kashyap could have done better in the movie’s screenplay department and could have added a few more elements to make it a better theatrical release rather than a OTT release, as Dobaaraa looked like… One more place where Anurag failed is at yielding the best of Taapsee Pannu’s potential.


Now it’s time to conclude our Dobaaraa Movie Review, so we will like to end it with a note that Dobaaraa is definitely not the best movie of Anurag Kashyap and Taapsee Pannu’s career. We had higher expectations from this but “Ab toh Aadat Si Hai Mujhko…” Team Kiddaan will rate Taapsee & Anurag Kashyap’s  Dobaaraa 3 out of 5 stars. 

Dobaaraa is a good suspense thriller movie that deals with time travel concepts, so if you like to watch thrillers, book your tickets, grab your popcorn and watch ‘Dobaaraa’.

Haven’t watched Dobaaraa trailer, here it is, watch it now:

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