Indore Couple Opens ‘Doggy Dhaba’ That Offers Meals For Dogs

Having a pet comes with great responsibility, and keeping them healthy and happy is important. Taking their dogs out to pet-friendly restaurants and cafes is another favorite pastime of dog owners. However, a “dhaba” serving only dogs has recently opened in Indore. The one-of-a-kind restaurant, “The Doggy Dhaba,” aims to attract canine and human patrons.

Balraj Jhala, an enthusiastic canine lover and his better half, opened the surprising restaurant. The news agency ANI reports that the dhaba provides dog owners options for birthday celebrations, stays, and food. Additionally, this dhaba delivers food delivery packages to your canine companion.

Source: Indiatimes

Mr. Jhala said that he realized that even dogs were facing trouble finding food during the lockdown caused by Covid. As a result, Mr. Jhala used to feed the dogs he saw on his way back home at night before opening the dhaba. “I have been a dog enthusiast since the beginning,” he stated. “Until 2019, I worked in a hotel, where I fed the dogs on my way back home at night.”

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He continued, “It was then that I got the idea to open a dhaba for dogs, which I opened in 2020 with my wife.”

The dhaba presents a variety of dog food at prices ranging from  7 to  500 per day, including basic meals, vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties, and supplements.

In addition, the Doggy Dhaba allows dogs to celebrate their birthdays in style by customizing cakes. Additionally, my company operates online. Mr. Jhala added, “Dog food delivery boys are also kept and supply food both times.”

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In an effort to serve as a one-stop shop for all of your dog’s requirements, the dhaba also provides dog boarding services. To ensure you don’t have to worry about the dogs’ well-being, the couple makes an effort to provide ample opportunities for exercise, play, and socialization while at their facility.

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