These 17 Meme Tweets on Ranveer Singh’s Don 3 Look will Force Makers to Say “Bhari Mistake Ho Gaya”

Farhan Akhtar has revealed the promo of much awaited Don 3 on his official Instagram account and netizens cannot stop talking about it! 

Amitabh Bachchan was the one to set a benchmark for this franchise followed by our very own King Khan. 12 years ago , SRK starrer Don 2 was released, and no actor could have performed the role better than him! 

The makers of Don 3 while sharing the teaser, have introduced us to a new Don and we are not sure if the netizens are ready to accept him or not. After Amitabh Bachchan and SRK being chased by the police of 11 countries ( gyaraha mulko ki police), Ranveer Singh is all set for this chase down! 

The teaser is a package of everything, from the action scenes to thriller and drama surrounding a person who just means business. 

The promo has received mixed reactions from the audience as most of the fans are demanding the come back of SRK which is surely not happening. 

Why is Shahrukh Khan not the part of Don 3? 

Most of you must be thinking that after acing the role to its perfection, why isn’t Shahrukh Khan starred in the final part of the franchise? Is it about the makers having a trouble with King Khan? Or the reason is something else? 

Well, as per the reports, makers of Don 3 were planning to direct the third part with Amitabh Bachchan, SRK and one Gen Z actor. 

When they approached SRK and read them the script, King Khan was very clear that now he is focusing on commercial films solely. Shahrukh is currently concentrating on certain types of films and Don 3 does not fit his desired prerequisites. 

What was the reaction of the audience? 

One user commented , “No hate for Ranveer Singh, he is amazing but Don is SRK’s. I literally felt like it was some parody and at any moment SRK would show up. Learn from the Race series how the makers butchered the franchise by changing the lead in Race 3”.

Another user wrote “Ranveer Singh is the best replacement to SRK and can justify the character but Don without SRK is like Mission Impossible without Tom Cruise.” 

Netizens have also started making memes on Don 3 and below are the series –

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