Don’t Miss Binnu Dhillon And Jaswinder Bhalla Romancing On The Song ‘Kinna Chir’

Many content creators deliver unique content which television and radio fails to provide. We caught sight of a quirky video by content creator Sardarflix. Everyone will agree as he has done a praiseworthy job in creating this video. So what are we waiting for? Tie your seatbelts because the laughter coaster is about to begin. 

If you are a die-hard fan of Punjabi movies then you must be very much aware of the romantic drama-comedy film Mr & Mrs 420. The film never fails to entertain their audience even if they watch it for the hundredth time. Also there are some interesting scenes where you have seen the romance of ‘Neeru’ i.e Binnu Dhillon and ‘Subedaar’ i.e. Jaswinder Bhalla.. 

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Sardarflix has collected some amazing and interesting scenes of these onscreen Jodi and mixed them with the most trending song ‘Kinna Chir’. We bet you will stick to the video till the end and it will not make you feel like it’s edited.  This mashup video of Kinna Chir and Mr & Mrs 420 will make your day.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Isn’t it amazing? Aren’t they looking like soulmates? The video has garnered a lot of views in very few hours. Sardarflix’s Instagram profile is filled with such funny and creative videos which definitely will blow your mind. You can check his profile for more such entertaining stuff.

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