‘Don’t Try To Copy Sushant Singh Rajput’, Ayushmann Khurrana Criticized By Fans For Sharing His Pictures

'Don't Try To Copy Sushant Singh Rajput', Ayushmann Khurrana Criticized By Fans For Sharing His Pictures

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana who always impresses the audience with his unconventional choice of films and also never misses the chance to stay connected with his fans. The actor recently took to social media and shared the picture of himself peeking through the telescope and watching a celestial body in Maldives.

He captioned his post, “It is the waxing gibbous phase of the moon. And it’s stunning. Have you seen the moon lately? It is blindingly bright through the telescope. We also saw Jupiter’s four out of 79 moons and Saturn rings. In other news the Orion constellation is rising, and will reach the zenith in winter. A very inquisitive twenty year old Marvin who aspires to be an astronomer but has studied marine biology showed us the night sky in Maldives.”


Many bollywood actors love the post and commented on the same. While for some fans it didn’t go well, as they slammed Ayushmann for copying the late actor SSR. 

Others commented on the post saying that they were reminded of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput after viewing this post as Singh was a big astronomy geek. Sushant often spoke about the universe, his adventures with the telescope and his interest in the universe. 

Meanwhile, like the late actor Sushant, Ayushmann has also a keen interest in astronomy and astrophysics. 

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