Double Up The Family Volume 1 Review: An Exciting Musical Journey

Arguably one of the most renowned music producers in the Punjabi Music Industry – Intense has come out with an Album. At this time when Punjabi Music seems to have come at an unexpected halt, Intense’s latest ‘Double Up: The Family Volume 1’ is a much needed project for the industry.

With 12 different songs, the album is full of uniqueness, distinctive vocal styles and refreshing music. There’s a track for every kind of music listener which makes this album a complete package blast! While Intense has produced the music for all the tracks, Harpreet Sran, Tavnoor, Ramneek Dhaliwal, Hrjxt and Manna Datte Wala have given their vocals and lyrics. MP Dhaliwal has also given his lyrics to the album.

All of the tracks come with exquisite visualizers on the screens that makes the user pay more attention to each track. The visualizers are given by Navkaran Brar, another rising star of the Punjabi Industry.

The highlight of the album remains the music and the vocals. Tavnoor and Harpreet Sran, the two female vocalists on the album, are both unique in their own sense yet brilliant. Hrjxt, Ramneek and Manak Datte Aala all have voices that please your ears.

The tracks are All Night, Pittal, Eye Candy, Teri Ah, Befikar, Taare, Maan Jawani Da, Yaad, Non Stop, Drip, Heartbreaker and Sapni. Just as we told you, and you would have already guessed from the titles, all the songs are unique. The problem with some albums is that when you jump from a track to the next one, it gets repetitive at one point, which is a huge thumbs down for a music lover. The music, lyricism, plot, story-telling, vibe everything feels fresh with each new song in Double Up. 

Overall, Double Up: The Family Volume 1 serves as the perfect musical package for you. We are sure you’ll take at least 4 or 5 tracks to your permanent playlists, while we would suggest you taking all of them with you.

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