Drishyam 2: What Exactly Happened? Ending Here

In the first part of Drishyam – the thriller and suspense drama starring Ajay Devgn shows how Vijay, character of a father played by Ajay, saved his daughter Anju after she was covertly videotaped in her by a police officer’s son named Sameer. Moreover, Anju accidentally murdered him as she hit him using an iron rod. However, Vijay, her father, creates a perfect plan to save her daughter and he even succeeds with it!

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However, in Drishyam 2, things drastically changed and the stakes are quite high. Interestingly, the conclusion of the first movie that Vijay hid Sameer’s body at a Pondolem Police Station building site — the same station that had been conducting the initial inquiry. It was eventually found out that David, a criminal, had seen Vijay bury the body that evening.

Furthermore, David informed the police that he saw Vijay burying Sameer since there was a sizable reward for the person who killed him and he wanted the money. However, this had to be verified by the police. Moreover, the Police officials were able to arrest Vijay as a result of this. However, the police were aware that Vijay was constantly planning ahead. Vijay was released on bail as a result of the fact that they were never able to locate the body.

Since their image was personally affected by the incident, we can see in Drishyam 2 that the police are still actively searching for the body. Notably, Vijay has always had a passion for movies, and his pursuit of that passion is evident in the narrative he wrote for Drishyam 1. To make sure that all of his loose ends are tied, he needs the assistance of an excellent writer. The biggest opening was if the police were able to locate Sameer’s body in the precise spot indicated by David.

Vijay discovered another family who had lost their son, who was almost same as Sameer’s age, while trying to close this loop. Moreover, Vijay became close to this family and even helped them with their daughter’s wedding. At the end, all Vijay wanted from this family was for them to give him their son’s bones. Given how much Vijay had helped them, they couldn’t refuse.

Furthermore, as soon as the body was discovered, all Vijay had to do was replace Sameer’s bones with those of the new ones, ensuring that the boy was not Sameer in the first place when the DNA test was conducted. Vijay obtained the bones swamped by making friends with a security guy. However, the end once again leaves a big question that if Vijay would ever be caught! Though there has been a difference of opinion amongst the groups of people. While one believes what Vijay did was right as nothing is more important than one’s family, the other sees Vijay as a criminal!

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