ECI Announces Dates For The Presidential Election, Here’s All You Need To Know

The Election Commission yesterday announced the dates for the presidential election. As per the schedule, voting will be held on July 18, while the results will be announced on July 21. The ECI will issue the notification on June 15, and June 29 will be the last date to file the nominations.

As the Jammu and Kashmir is the union territory now, and the assembly elections have not been held there yet, there are no MLAs from J&K to participate in the presidential elections this time. As per the ECI, the value of one vote of a member of parliament will count 700, and the value of the total votes of the MPs will be 5,43,200.

Elaborating more about the rules and regulations to be followed, the ECI cleared that a special pen will be allotted to each voter, and he/she will be bound to use it. In case any other pen is used, the ballot of that particular MP/MLA will be immediately dismissed. The members of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly (MLAs) will be casting their votes in the presidential elections.

As the tenure of the current president Shri Ramnath Kovind will end on July 24, it was already been expected that the ECI would announce the dates for the presidential elections anytime soon. Though neither the NDA nor the UPA have announced their candidates yet, there are speculations that the entire opposition may unitedly field a candidate against the NDA. 

The candidate have to deposit Rs. 15,000 as a security amount. In case of non-election, this amount will be forfeited if the number of valid votes polled by the candidate is less than one-sixth of the number of votes necessary to secure return of a candidate at such election. 

As stated by the ECI, “anyone planning to contest, would need the sign of 50 electors as proposers and 50 others as seconders on their nomination papers.”

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