Ek Love Story EP Review: Sukhraj Brings 5 Perfect Songs For Every Mood

Punjabi singer Sukhraj has recently released a project and marked his debut in the world of Albums and EPs. The singer who has sung popular songs like Hawa, 1:AM, Nazraan & more has now released an EP called Ek Love Story which consists of a total of 5 songs. The name of the EP is attractive in itself which made us curious to give it a try and then review it for you.

The five songs of the EP Ek Love Story are; Surma, Spain, Don’t Go, Bhangra Queen & Jaan. We must say we are impressed with the titles of the songs but did the songs overall reach our level of expectation? Let’s figure it out in detail. 


Surma from EP Ek Love Story is a slow romantic track. From its lyrics to its vocals and music by Bob, everything is perfectly fitted in place. You can definitely add this song to your sleep time playlist as it will give you the needful soothness. Also, if you are looking for a song to propose to your crush or impress or praise your lady love, this song can be of big help to you. Don’t believe us? Try it. You can listen to the song here

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If you have ever loved someone with all of your heart, but still couldn’t manage to keep the relationship going, this song will be the most relatable thing for you. We must warn you in advance that Spain song can remind you of your break-up or the person who is no longer with you. But there is one good thing, that even though this song might give you heartache, it won’t make you cry, as its beats and music will balance the mood. You can listen to this song from Sukhraj’s EP Ek Love Story here

Don’t Go

Don’t Go from Sukhraj’s EP Ek Love Story is a beautiful song expressing love. It is romantic, but it also has a pinch of pain in it. So, we call it a really good sad romantic track. In the song, we hear Sukhraj trying to once again get back his girl who is probably angry with him. Don’t Go is our favorite song from the EP. You can also listen to it here

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Bhangra Queen 

As the name suggests, Bhangra Queen is an upbeat dance song that can force you and your lady love to shake a leg on the dance floor. It can be a perfect song if you even plan to give a duet dance performance at any event, occasion or celebration. Listen to Bhangra Queen here


This is one song from the EP Ek Love Story which also features the vocals of Ritu Rawat. Jaan is another sad romantic song in the playlist of this EP. This is a break up song which features some regrets of the two who have parted ways for always. Once again, if you have experienced heartbreak in the past or recently, Jaan song by Sukhraj will touch your heart. Listen to it here

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Overall, we can definitely say that all of these songs are perfect to compliment your different moods. And interestingly, we are surprised and equally impressed that Sukhraj is the one-man army behind this EP. Not only has he given vocals to these songs, but he has also penned the lyrics, given music and even composed most of the songs on his own. You can listen to the EP and figure out your favorite too. We indeed have added these to our playlist and are now waiting for Sukhraj to release the official music videos really soon.

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