“Ekta Kapoor Maafi maango” Hindustani Bhau filed FIR against Ekta Kapoor.

Bigg Boss 13 fame Vikas Pathak aka Hindustani has recently filed an official Police Complaint against very popular TV and film producer Ekta Kapoor and her mother Shobha Kapoor. 

All this came into limelight when Bhau posted a video on his Instagram updating his fans about this all. In the video, he said that he has launched a police complaint against Ekta and her mother Shobha because he feels they have violated the dignity of an Indian Soldier and his uniform too. Let us inform you, all this is about XXX 2, Ekta’s web series on Alt Balaji. In the episode ‘Pyaar Aur Plastic’, the wife of a soldier is seen cheating when the soldier is off for his duty on the border. His wife with her boyfriend is seen disrespecting the uniform while a lovemaking scene between them.


Hindustani Bhau filed a complaint against them in Khar Police Station  and while his way back home he came live on Instagram sharing this update. He addressed love and respect for the nation and its soldiers. He said, it is a shameful act to show a woman disrespecting her husband’s uniform in a sexual act with his boyfriend. He demanded Ekta to issue a public apology towards the Indian Soldiers, and if not, he will continue to oppose her and make sure the issue is raised.

In his video posted he also said that the Police officials have assured him that they will investigate the case and take necessary actions required as soon as possible.

After this #ektakapoorindianarmysemaafimango is trending and he roasted everyone approaching him to settle things with Ekta Kapoor in this video:


Not to forget, Vikas (Hindustani Bhau) had already shared a post on his Instagram one day prior to this case. In this post he dropped a hint for this and said something big is going to happen as he is going to expose a renowned name of Bollywood.


Hindustani Bhau is popular for his viral videos on YouTube, where he usually talks about his love for the country. This video is also creating hype and people are noticing it even more because it is linked with a big name in the industry i.e. Ekta Kapoor. He is very active on social media so we expect we will get to know the recent updates of the case on time. Just like his videos, he is also loved by many as he gained popularity from Bigg Boss 13, where he succeeded in winning the hearts of many.

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