Elon Musk Changes The Twitter Logo From Blue Bird To ‘Dogge’ Meme

Since taking over as CEO of Twitter in October of last year, Elon Musk has frequently made headlines for introducing new policies and changes to the microblogging site. The 51-year-old billionaire continued this trend with a new Twitter update by replacing the iconic “Blue Bird” logo with the “doge” meme of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. The face of a Shiba Inu appears in the meme known as “doge.” The Doge change is only visible on the Twitter web version, not the Twitter app.

Musk wrote, “As promised,” and attached a screenshot of a tweet conversation he had with a user last year in which they asked him to buy Twitter and change the logo from a bird to a doge.

As reported by Indian Express, this change comes just a few days after Musk filed a court petition to have a 258 billion dollar lawsuit against him dismissed by investors in Dogecoin for allegedly promoting Dogecoin in a way that was illegally similar to a pyramid scheme.

According to a Market Watch report, Musk sent a series of tweets in support of Dogecoin in February 2021. As a result, the price of the cryptocurrency increased by 44%. In addition, the Investor’s Business Daily reported on Monday that Twitter’s logo change caused Dogecoin’s value to rise by 36%, demonstrating a similar effect of Musk’s endorsement.

The Dogecoin official Twitter account wrote, “The dog behind the #Doge meme and #Dogecoin cryptocurrency is named Kabosu, and she still lives with her owner Atsuko Sato @kabosumama in Sakura, Japan,” in response to the now-famous image of the dog that inspired the Doge meme on Tuesday morning. On November 2 of last year, Kaosu celebrated turning 17 years old.

Regarding Musk’s announcement, numerous Twitter users shared their thoughts. To demonstrate to those who despise him how utterly serious he is, Elon Musk delayed changing the Twitter logo to #Doge until April 3. Dogecoin,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user wrote: Promises were made and kept. Thank you for bringing Twitter back to life! # To the stars, Dogecoin!”

After this change of logo, Twitter is flooded with memes. Some of them you can find below.

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