#Embedded Is Trending & You Should Not Search It On Instagram! Here’s WHY

Instagram has been one of the most loved, favorite and widely loved social media platforms among Indians. But currently, the app is getting all the limelight due to a simple hashtag. We are talking about #Embedded and we are sure you too have come across it in recent days.

People on Instagram are promoting this hashtag on their stories and messaging to prank their friends. But a harmless prank related to #embedded on Instagram is also turning into trouble for many. In this article, you will get to know all about this hashtag, why it’s trending and why there’s so much buzz around it. 

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Basically, when you search #Embedded on Instagram, as expected it opens a page for you in which you get to see all the posts uploaded on the platform with the hashtag. But here’s the catch, if you try to open any of the posts from the #embedded page, Instagram will instantly log out of your account from your smartphone. 

Not only this, but the password of your Instagram account will also be automatically changed in seconds, and this can leave you in a dilemma. A message will pop up on your screen that states, “You’ve been logged out of the account. The account owner may have changed the password”.

Logged Out Of Instagram On Searching 'Embedded'? This Is The Reason

After Instagram logs your account out, you will have to change your password once again to finally recover your account. While various people are easily getting their accounts back, there are many people who are facing difficulties in logging in again. 

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Basically, all that’s happening on Instagram after searching #Embedded, it’s an unnoticed glitch. It’s getting extremely popular, and people are using it for pranking their friends. 

Moreover, this glitch is only troubling people who are using Instagram on their phones, there is no effect of the trending hashtag on desktop. 

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While this glitch is harmless, we suggest you stay away from it and avoid searching for #Embedded on Instagram at least as long as the gliche is not resorted by Instagram officially.

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