Emotional Father Welcomes & Thanks His Son After Morcha Fateh. The Video Will Make You Cry

A new chapter was written in the history of India’s democratic structure on 19 November, 2021, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologized to the whole nation, and finally repealed the farm laws after almost a year long determined struggle. The farmers returned to their homes after the ‘Morcha Fateh’ after a year.

The farmers returned to their respective homes in a ‘Fateh March’ from Delhi To Punjab. Farmers were welcomed with flowers, love and respect and the whole nation cheered, watching history being created in front of their eyes. A video of a son returning from the farmers’ protest after Morcha Fateh, being welcomed by his father in tears has gone viral over the internet and it is hard to call yourself human if it doesn’t make you cry!

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The emotional father, in tears, welcomes his victorious son home with gifts and sweets. The pride, the happiness and the emotion is completely visible in the eyes of the elderly father. He thanked the younger generation and the volunteers of the Khalsa Aid, without whom, this victory would have been impossible. He thanked them for their selfless service at the Morcha. 

The son then hugs his father and the very moment is enough to make even the cruelest hearts melt. The million-dollar hug, with tears in eyes of both the father and the son, the moment is just so priceless. The son handed over his Khalsa Aid Medal to his father and thanked him for sending him to the protest. “You deserve this, thank you for being there”, says the son. The son was actually a volunteer of the Khalsa Aid, who served at the protest. Khalsa Aid was a leading organization who helped the farmers’ at the protest, with langar, necessities and other supplies.


The farmers’ protest was one of the biggest protests in the history of the country and it taught us many things. It taught us that any battle can be won if you have the guts to stand by the truth, no matter what. Another lesson it taught was that when the youth and the older generation of a country comes together, it is impossible to beat them. Experience meets ambition, tradition meets techniques, old meets modern and it forms an unbreakable bond.

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