20-year Old Ethical Hacker Aditi Singh Wins ₹22 Lakh For Finding A Bug In Microsoft’s Cloud System

Aditi Singh, a 20-year old ethical hacker based in Delhi, has named a prize bounty of $30000 (₹22 Lakh approximately) to her name through her exceptional skills and oceanic knowledge in the field of ethical hacking.

Two months ago, Aditi Singh spotted a bug in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud System and alerted the company about it. But the company did not respond immediately as it got engrossed in checking if anybody had downloaded the insecure version of the system. And now, Microsoft has finally replied to Aditi’s discovery and regarded her with a ₹22 Lakh Prize Money. 

According to Ethical Hacker, the reason behind the bug was that Developers of the system should have downloaded a Node Package Manager (NPM) first, instead of writing the code directly by themselves. Developers should only write the code after acquiring the NPM, Aditi suggested. 

This is not the first time the young hacker has found a bug in the system of one of the world’s largest companies. Two months back she had discovered a bug in Facebook which won her a $7500 bounty (₹5.5 Lakh approximately). She has also found bugs in over 40 companies including TikTok, Mozilla, Paytm, Ethereum etc. 

Aditi’s first experience as a hacker was when she cracked the password of her neighbour’s Wifi. She first stumbled upon the field of ethical hacking when she was preparing for the medical entrance exam, NEET. Though she did not crack the exam, she went on to crack various company’s systems, winning her enormous amounts of money. 

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