Ever Got Your Mustache Dirty While Drinking? These British Cups From 1860s Are The Perfect Saviours

Some trends last for a week and fade away forever, while others are on a cycle of sorts. Such is the case with the mustache phenomenon, which a few years ago men around the globe caressed anew, especially the hipsters. Also, the market is overwhelmed with products for mustache and beard care. 

Special oils, trimmers, and combs are sold online, together with instructions on how to grow and maintain your mustache. A symbol of masculinity, a way to make one look more mature, or simply the fashion, the mustache trend is here.

But nobody has thought that while sipping hot brews, the steam from a hot brew hit their ‘stache. Due to that the styling wax that held it together would begin to melt and drip. Not only did this ruin their brew, but it also left their prized hair flat and moist, too. 

But then, British potter Harvey Adams came up with the idea of Mustache cup. The necessity was introduced in the 1860s. Looking like a regular tea cup, it had a special add-on, the mustache guard. The solution was quite simple: a ledge was attached to the inside of the cup, with a small opening for the tea to come through. The edge would stick to the mustache, preventing the hot beverage from touching the facial hair of the tea drinker.

Source: The Atlantic

Adams, the son of a potter, has been described as “a local councilor, radical non-conformist, innovator and inventor of the ‘mustache cup’”. The story goes that the mustache cup became so popular that Adams made his fortune with it and retired early.

Source: Vintage Everyday

Moreover, the cups came in many shapes and sizes. “Farmers’ cups” held as much as a pint of tea, while smaller porcelain pieces were sculpted like conch shells or embossed with the name of the owner. Most had saucers to match. But these weren’t nearly as prized as the cups themselves.

Further, after the First World War, the golden age of mustaches, and mustache cups, came to a close. Sadly, the mustache cup disappeared from shelves when flashy side whiskers went out of style.

Source: Atlas Obscura

But now again we can see that it’s definitely a must needed thing again. As the trend of big mustaches is back. Especially, one or the other men can be seen having heavy mustaches and beards. And you might be lucky enough to stumble across one in an antique shop today.

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