Ever Imagined If International Brands Were Punjabi! Checkout Best Punjabi Memes

Punjabis are obsessed with nothing, but only three things. First is food, Second Canada followed by third, which is love for Brands. Brands occupy a big place in our hearts and lives too. But what would happen, if these brands were owned by Punjabis? Here is the answer to you…


Punjabis love to name their children rhyming to each other. Then, why won’t they step back, when it comes to naming a brand before them. For  H&M would rock as, Harpreet & Manpreet.


Forget Billionaire Boys Club, because the only club that’s hit amongst Punjabis’s is the one who serves the best chicken. That’s why BBC would stand for, Babbu Bai Chicken.


Hp is one of the leading brands in technology, would have named something just like Hari Painter. A painter won’t leave his business behind when all it is an opportunity to make it a big brand. 


LG would stand for, Lylpur Golgappe, because such small businesses in Punjab really makes well. By the way, keeping girls’ love and craze for golgappe in mind, it won’t be a big deal if some Lylpur Golgappa really stands out as a brand.


Cars and vehicles are the fourth highest obsession of people in Punjab. It’s okay to have lower grades, but not a lower demand car. Hence some businesses like Brar Motor Service can stand well in the name of BMW.


KFC, despite being a great international brand, might not be so grand, if owned by a Punjabi family. Because there are possibilities, that it might be named as Kaala Fruit Chaat.


People of Punjab are so aggressive sometimes, that you really have to ignore if they name their brand with something really not so comfortable. Just for example what if they name, LV as.


Love, care, and blessings are often showered by saying, Chardi Kalan. So why not name it as a brand too. CK for us would stand for Chardi Kalan.


Since Hattis are really in trend since forever when it is about Punjabi Businesses. Here also, we would love to name MDH as Mohne Di Hatti.


When we have talked about almost everything, how can we ignore partnerships in business? So dedicating one for this, D&G might work well with Deols & Grewal’s.

This is exactly what Punjabi business minds are all about. By the way, what would you name your brand, if given a chance?

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