Ever Thought If Sidhu, Aujla, Nimmo & So Many Other Artists Came Live On IG Together? Here Is It!

We are lucky to have a platform like Instagram where content creators can let their minds be at their best and do anything to everything! There are no boundaries, just creativity at its best. An Instagram Punjabi video creator, Sardarflix, let out his most creative self to create a funny video of various Punjabi artists like Sidhu Moosewala, Karan Aujla and more, coming live on Instagram together.

The edit starts with Sidhu Moosewala and Nimrat Khaira coming live together on Instagram and sharing some greetings. Things get interesting when Sidhu feels the sudden urge to add Karan Aujla to the live session! We get a dream-come-true interaction between the artists. Karan asks Sidhu to sing a song. Sidhu sings the song ‘Sidhu Son’ and Karan is all praises for the artist. This makes the audience wonder what it would be like if these both artists were actually friends and working together! Nothing better for the music fans.

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A fan then asks Sidhu Moosewala if he’s drunk ‘Lassi’ and how can you not think of Sunny Malton when Lassi is mentioned! The comedy king hops into the live with Karan and Sidhu, while Nimrat cuts off due to poor connection. What follows is a whole lot of drama involving Sidhu and Sunny fighting over leaking songs, drinking Lassi and Karan Aujla just enjoying everything sitting at the back. 

If Sunny Malton was not enough for you, Garry Sandhu comes off as a surprise into the live, when some conversation about money breaks out. The two indulge in a verbal spat and Sidhu is irritated by it. But Garry and Sunny listen to nobody and go on with their quarrel. Sunny Malton is undoubtedly the king of Instagram lives! The video ends with Garry and Sunny still quarreling.


You need to watch the video to know what a laughter blast it is! Sardarflix is a master of creating such funny Punjabi dedicated content and going through his feed will leave you in splits. Dedicate a little part of your daily schedule to check out his content, and do not miss this hilarious video for sure! 

Go check his Instagram profile here: Sardarflix

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