Ever Thought If Sufna Was A Hollywood Movie? Jatinder Nagra Beings Your Thoughts To Life

Sufna, released in 2020, is simply one of the best films Punjabi Cinema has ever seen. The Ammy Virk and Tania starrer romantic drama narrated a love story of faith and the audience simply loved it. Have you ever thought if this emotional romantic story had Hollywood seasoning on it? Jatinder Nagra, a video content creator, has put your imagination to reality. 

Jatinder Nagra blends the most iconic scenes of the movie into Hollywood. Ammy Virk runs to Baba ji asking him to blow his hand so that he can impress Tania, what comes after is probably one of the most iconic dialogues in Punjabi cinema. But no, this is Hollywood! Ammy Virk only receives an ‘Arghhhhhhh’ from a T-rex. 

In the next scene, Ammy is seen catching a cart and climbing it. Do you know the reason? A T-rex is on his chase, how come Ammy will not be running. The whole clip feels very Hollywood and it feels like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park has escaped into the Sufna World.

Jatinder Nagra presents an alternative approach to what Sufna could have been with this hilarious artwork of his. Who could have imagined a movie like Sufna in that way, only a very clever and artistic one.


Jatinder Nagra is an Instagram content creator. His content basically focuses on making funny videos using his marvelous editing skills. He has been top of his game for a long time and his videos are very famous among the Punjabi audience.

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